Take your grilling expertise and entertaining prowess to the next level with a Bull barbecue island. If you’ve ever been frustrated with the lack of space next to your grill or grown tired of running back into the kitchen every few minutes for something from the refrigerator, you’ll love the convenience, space and grilling equipment that a barbecue island provides. These outdoor units provide not only a grill, but also offer plenty of counter space for food preparation and room for entertaining guests. Many of these units also offer sinks, refrigerators, bar accessories and even a music sound system in addition to their award-winning stainless steel bbq grills that are viewed in the industry as one of the best grills for the money.

Bull Outdoor Products has been manufacturing barbecue islands for over twenty years. In fact, the company pioneered the concept. They recognized that many grilling enthusiasts had higher aspirations and wanted to take their outdoor cooking talents up to the professional chef level. Bull also realized that entertaining guests was a central feature of backyard barbecuing. Thus the concept of the outdoor barbecue island was born, allowing barbecue enthusiasts to prepare gourmet meals and entertain their guests in style, all from the convenience of their own backyard. All of Bull’s barbecue islands are manufactured from the finest materials. Their grills and accessories are made of non corrosive 304 grade stainless steel. The cabinet base of the units are framed with galvanized metal studs and layered with cement board. The base finish can be stucco, stucco rock or rock found in a variety of colors. The counter tops are a fully welded frame lined with cement board, then either finished with porcelain or granite tiles with numerous color options to choose from as well.

Bull Outdoor Products offers twenty different barbecue islands along with two bar islands, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for the contours of your backyard, as well as your own individual preferences in terms of what you need and want for your outdoor cooking and entertainment needs. These units are all fully custom to your exact specifications. They are not stock items that simply get pulled out of a dusty warehouse. In addition to the standard items, each barbecue island and bar island offers extra options and upgrades so that your island is tailored made to your own specifications.Three of the most popular Bull Outdoor Products islands are the Bull BBQ Master-Q, Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen and Bull BBQ Gourmet-Q. All three islands feature the Angus four-burner stainless steel grill, access doors, porcelain tile counter top, stucco base, GFCI outlet, along with many optional features, color choices and upgrade options.

The Bull BBQ Master-Q island measures 67 inches wide by 39 1/4 inches high by 42 3/4 inches deep. The Master-Q island is a perfect fit for grilling enthusiasts with a smaller patio space or backyard.The Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen measures 95 3/4 inches wide by 39 inches high by 30 3/4 inches deep. This spacious outdoor barbecue island has all the accessories and space to meet all of your backyard grilling and entertaining needs. There are many upgrade options available, including an outdoor rated refrigerator, Brahma 38-inch grill, music sound system, 9 foot umbrella, extra side burners and drop-in ice chest.

The Bull BBQ Gourmet-Q is Bull Outdoor Products’ largest outdoor island, combining the best of both worlds of the barbecue island and outdoor bar. This expansive unit measures 102 1/4 inches wide by 39 inches high by 114 1/4 inches deep and offers 45.6 square feet of counter space. The Gourmet-Q island offers many upgrade options, including a bar center that comes with an ice chest, towel rack, condiment rack and bottle opener. This unit offers the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

In addition to these three popular island models, Bull offers another 17 models to choose from, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether your desire is a simple grilling station or a lavish outdoor kitchen, your sure to find the perfect fit with a Bull BBQ Island from the┬ábull bbq depot

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